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Our Re-claimed Metal or Found Metal work is used primarily as accent and detail in our furniture and cabinetry work. Each piece is one of a kind...ensuring uniqueness to your project!

This area between Meaford, Collingwood and Owen Sound is a very rich source for this!

Occasionally we do like to 'age' our own metal to achieve a different look or to fit into a specific place such as the picture above. Again, as each part is made it is hand made and will not be found anywhere else in the world! This process takes some time but is well worth the end result!

We also add details on the exterior of homes too. The timbers and metal detail work together to give a look of authenticity and reality. Created just for you! We make every attempt to source old locally re-claimed timbers for our projects...meaning it will come from the Owen Sound, Meaford and Collingwood areas

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