Hunter's Ridge Rustics and Custom Cabinetry

Quality rustics, cabinetry and customizations

a div. of James R. Summers Carpentry Inc.

~Our unique home furnishings will include quilts by order including matching pillows.

~Our hope is to use every piece of wood in a useful way such as in a picture frame, end table, chopping block, cutting boards, the ideas are endless but time is limited! UNIQUE HOME FURNISHINGS!!!

~We also hope to include the bounty of our gardens, here south of Meaford, this year...expanding that as the season allows and dependant on what grows! We are looking at having chickens again this spring and will have farm fresh, free range chicken eggs available hopefully by the long weekend in May!

~We also can provide the very unique "barrel style" sauna! This is an outdoor sauna that can be placed almost anywhere, on any size of property. We can have it pre assembled and delivered as a whole unit or if access is restricted to the desired location we can assemble it onsite. |We have a supplier who carries wood burning sauna stoves or electric! The electric heated sauna uses far less electricity, as it is only on when in use, opposed to a hot tub where the temperature must be maintained continually. ANOTHER UNIQUE HOME FURNISHING!!!

Please email for more information and pricing as that has changed slightly from last season.

~We have great garden furnishing designs and bird house styles made of white cedar or pine or reclaimed barn board. These are made to order so please plan ahead and send your size requirements to us! EXTERIOR UNIQUE HOME FURNISHINGS!!!